Rome, November 18, 2017 - 12.54
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Budget shortly

Budget shortly

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With the release of the Law n.112 the State General Accounting Department has brought some changes to the process of predisposition and collection of the economic forecasts and financial institutions for year 2009 and three years 2009-2011 from the ministries in order to adapt it to the introduced dispositions and innovations, to favour a greater and greater integration between economic and financial forecasts and to upgrade the instruments of the administrations. In the first instance, it has been done a technical and process integration and of the process of collection of the quantitative data of the staff (organic, years, persons) with the aim of the predisposition, on one side, of economic budget 2009 and, from the other, of the attached documents related to the preparation of the law that regulates the staff expenses; the computerized data survey of the years/person for 2009, than has been made using of the economic accounting method, has been object of a specific Circular message of the State General Accounting Department, the n. 17 of the July 23rd 2008, having for object "quantitative Surveys integrated of the staff for year 2009". With the successive Circular message n. 21 of the July 24th 2008, having for object "Budget Forecasts for year 2009 and three years 2009-2011 - Budget year 2009" are established criteria and modality in order to carry out the economic and financial forecasts (besides the quantitative forecasts of the staff), also in relation to what established by the D.L(Legislative Decree) n. 112/08.

Among the innovations introduced in occasion of Budget 2009 there is also the location of a first set of pointers who can improve the reading of the data of the Budget of the State. On the base of the currently collected data from the economic accounting method of the State it is possible the calculation of pointers based mostly on the Input (financial, instrumental and human resources that the administration acquires and employs in order to carry out own tasks), that can supply important indications about the functional and organization complexity about the staff composition and of the other employed resources, on the characteristics of the process of distribution of services of the central administrations of the State.

The identified pointers for Budget 2009 can be classified in:

• pointers at State Level

• pointers at Administration Level

About Budget shortly
From the 2009 State General Accounting Department releases Budget shortly, a document of annual issue with a divulgative character, that ...More read full story: About Budget shortly