Rome, November 19, 2017 - 09.30
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Decentralized Bodies' Finance

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The activities carried out by the Inspectorate General for Public Administrations Finance (Ispettorato Generale per la Finanza delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni) of the State General Accounting Department are essentially based on the following guidelines:

· Monitoring of the cash flows of decentralized public bodies;

· Administrative and fiscal federalism;

· State Treasury.

The monitoring activity involves collecting and processing the financial information submitted by decentralized public bodies and the analysis of its effects on the financial requirements of the public sector and on the debt of public administrations. This activity also includes the management of the domestic stability pact.

The management of administrative and fiscal federalism is a particularly relevant activity: in the first case, it involves the definition of the human and financial resources that have to be allocated to Ordinary Statute Regions. In the second case, the Department is involved in the implementation of fiscal federalism both for the part that is regulated by Legislative Decree n. 56 of 2000 and for the part that concerns the enforcement of Art. 119 of the Constitution, following its recent modifications, and the participation in the implementation of the new Title V of the Constitution.

The treasury service is carried out in close collaboration with the Bank of Italy (Banca d'Italia), who provides the State Treasury services, and with Poste Italiane, the company that makes a vast amount of payments on behalf of the Government, and concerns both the management of the State budget - acceptance of electronic payment orders - and treasury operations (issuing withdrawal orders from central treasury current accounts according to weekly and monthly payments forecasts, opening and closing treasury accounts, treasury advances for healthcare expenditure, liquidation of interests on interest-bearing treasury current accounts, resolution of issues and queries concerning the application of treasury regulations). The treasury activity also includes the release of the provisions for the update of treasury regulations and for the modernization of the service in order to complete the implementation of the "electronic" treasury.