Rome, November 22, 2017 - 12.19
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EU financial reports

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Amongst the institutional functions of the Inspectorate General for Financial Relations with the European Union (Ispettorato Generale per i Rapporti Finanziari con l'Unione Europea - I.G.R.U.E.) the national monitoring system for the implementation of EU policy actions is particularly relevant. This is a composite activity through which, on the one hand, financial flows between Italy and the European Union and, on the other hand, data on the financial, physical as well as procedural, progress of programmes implemented in Italy with European Union funds are recorded.

This monitoring activity made it possible to set up a national data bank where different information on EU programmes implemented in Italy is collected, and the related available financial resources and how end users have gradually used them over the years are indicated. Monitoring data are accessed by national public Administrations and European Union Institutions, according to their specific competences.

IGRUE accompanies the traditional circulation of monitoring data with a specific dissemination activity, through the following periodical publications:

ü Bimonthly bulletin of the Rotation Fund; a publication on the Rotation Fund collections and disbursements to implement European Union Policies.

ü European Union Structural Policies - their implementation in Italy: six-monthly publication on the European programme implementation progress in Italy;

ü Quarterly situation of Italy-EU financial flows: publication that examines Italy's net position towards the European Union through the payments made and the credits received in each quarter of the year.

ü Italy-EU financial flows: annual publication analysing Italy's contribution to the EU budget, the EU contributions to our country and the socio-economic implications of the latter in the interested areas.