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EU financial reports

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European Union Financial Flows

2004 Italy - European Union Financial Flows

This document lays out and analyses overall trends in financial flows between Italy and the European Union in 2004.

The analysis begins with a description of the Italian economic and social framework in the reference period, both from a macroeconomic perspective (the values compare Italy and the other EU member countries, the countries that joined the EU in May 2004, the United States, and Japan), and a more microeconomic perspective (the Italian framework is divided out to show the specific features of economic trends in the two most important geographical areas in Italy in the analysis of regional policy support measures from the EU: the North Central area and the South). Italy's contribution to the European Union general budget is analysed in addition to the credits given to our country by the European Union for the promotion of programmes designed to carry out European policies.

In 2004 Italy paid 13,039.86 million Euro into the general budget of the European Union, and received 9,669.26 million Euro for the resources implemented in structural funds, the FEOGA guarantee, and other support measures.

Following the introduction, the transfers made in a national context for the implementation of community policy are explained, both regarding the amounts paid in compliance with the FEOGA guarantee section to support agricultural policy, and regarding payments made from the "rotation fund for the implementation of European policies".

During 2004, the European Union credited 2,922.72 million Euro towards the paying institutions charged with implementing the FEOGA guarantee financed support measures, a reduction from the 3,567.56 million Euro given in 2003.

In the reference period, the "rotation fund for the implementation of European policies" recorded revenues in the amount of 10,059.51 million Euro, of which 5,362.39 million Euro comprised amounts coming from national resources and 4,697.12 million Euro from European sources. The transfers from the fund on the other hand were 4,959.74 million Euro from the national financing account, and 6,008.18 million Euro from the European co-financing account.