Rome, November 22, 2017 - 04.45
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EU financial reports

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European Union Structural Policies

European Union Structural Policies - their implementation in Italy - 2004 annual report

This publication illustrates the progress of financial planning and implementation, as of December 31, 2004, of European Union co-financed Structural Actions in Italy.

The 2000-2006 overall analysis concerns the financial endowment by objective, structural fund and contribution type, as well as its distribution by Administration and geographical area. Through the information processing and comparison included in the National Monitoring System in the three chapters that make up this publication, the important aspects of financial resource planning, structural policy implementation progress and the projects implemented in the national territory are highlighted.

The analysis by individual actions allows us to notice a substantial stability in planning-related data as of December 2003; the financial progress percentage indicators (investment and expenditure capacity against planned resources) show that 60% of total available resources were used, whilst payments made account for 35% of total allocated resources.

Furthermore, in order to improve its information and content, this publication - unlike the 2003 annual report - presents an in-depth analysis of the implementation progress of the individual co-financed projects. The projects were analysed on the basis of the operation nature (infrastructure, services, aids), the economic sector (according to the classification provided for by EU regulation 438/2001 and enforced in all EU member states) and, finally, their geographic location. For each analysis dimension, summary tables on the number and the financial progress of the projects themselves are provided.