Rome, November 24, 2017 - 14.01
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Public Administration Personnel

Statistical data

The Annual Count Survey - La rilevazione Conto Annuale

The ANNUAL COUNT (Conto Annuale) is a yearly census survey, managed by the Inspectorate General for Personnel Regulations and the Analysis of Public Sector Labour Costs (IGOP), collecting information on public sector employment and labour costs (for the year preceding the one in which the survey is run). The survey is conducted by the State General Accounting Department according to the provisions set forth by Title V of Legislative Decree n. 165/2001 and covers all the institutions that are part of the "Public Administration" aggregate and fall under the provisions of the above-mentioned decree.

The information collected through the survey is the official information base for Parliament and Government decisions concerning public sector employment. The data are also made available to the Court of Accounts (Corte dei Conti) for the drafting of the annual report to the Parliament on the management of the financial resources assigned to public sector personnel.

The scope and the coverage of the survey is very broad, in fact it targets nearly 10 thousand public administrations, accounting for about 3,4 million employees and over 134 billion Euros of annual expenditures for personnel.

The published data are presented both at the 'public sector' aggregate level and at the level of each collective bargaining sector (comparto di contrattazione) and are organized in the following thematic areas:

- Presentation of the collective bargaining sector

- Number of employees and main characteristics (position in the occupation, seconded employees, etc..)

- "Atypical" work contracts (fixed-term, temporary, socially useful work, on-the-job training contracts) and part-time work

- Personnel turnover

- Seniority and age

- Distribution of personnel by Region

- Labour costs

- Average per capita wages and salaries

In each thematic area, the data are arranged by body/institution and/or position in the occupation and presented in tables, generally disaggregated by gender. They are organized so as to reflect the most relevant characteristics of the phenomenon that is being analysed.

The Annual Count is an extremely relevant source of information for experts in the field of public sector employment. Moreover, considering the current surge of attention on the state and evolution of public sector expenditures, we believe the information provided to be of some interest also for a 'non technical' audience.