Rome, November 20, 2017 - 10.39
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  • Capacity building concerning presentation and usage of the general government financial statistics (TR12 IB ST 01)
The objective of the project is to strengthen fiscal transparency by producing information adjusted according to different user needs and contributing to risk based management and audit. The specific aim is to align the publication and presentation of general government financial statistics with the EU standards by developing the legislation and improving reporting capacity towards a wide range of different users.

The project was launched in January 2016 and will last 24 months, with a budget of 1,058,768 € funded by the European Union through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

The project involves:

  • for Italy, the State General Accounting Department (RGS) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in partnership with the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), the Information System Consortium (CSI-Piemonte) and Formez PA
  • for Turkey, the Directorate General of Public Accounts (DGPA) of the Ministry of Finance

The project consists of six components and aims at reaching the following results:

  • Review of national legislation and formulation of recommendations on the relevant aspects on fiscal transparency, the adoption of international classifications and dissemination of fiscal data (Component 1 - Improving the Legal Framework)
  • Implementation of data mining methods and improvement of institutional capacity by increasing knowledge of these techniques (Component 2 - Implementation of the Data Mining Method)
  • Development of an early warning and decisional support system, based on the identification and calculation of performance indicators (Component 3 - Establishment of Early Warning and Decision Support System)
  • Improvement in public financial analysis techniques about the consolidated financial statements and related to individual public finance data (Component 4 - Improving the Public Financial Analysis Techniques)
  • Set up a standard template for the publication of a Citizen’s Budget Report and its dissemination (Component 5 – Citizens Budget)
  • Harmonize of data dissemination practices to European standards (Component 6 – Harmonization and Standards)