Rome, November 22, 2017 - 21.28
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Being part of the European Union implies, from the financial perspective, a constant exchange of financial resources between the States belonging to the European Union which, on one hand, are under a duty to make their contribution to financing the European budget, on the other hand benefit from the European funds aimed at implementing the Development Policies provided within the Treaty.

In particular, the core matters relating to the financial relationships between State Members and Europe concern the following macro-areas:

· European Budget;

· European Policies aimed at promoting the social and economic growth;

· Financial Management;

· Compliance of the national regulation with the European regulation;

· Monitoring the state of the art of the implementation of the interventions co-funded by the European Union;

· Monitoring the employment of the European resources and of the relevant national funds.

As concerns Italy, the need of ensuring the coordination of the policies and the activities relating to the membership with the European Union has led to the approval of the Law 16th April 1987, n.183 which:

· has established the procedures that must be followed in order to come to an agreement on the definition of the Italian measures to adopt at European level relating the Initiatives undertaken by the European authorities;

· has defined the procedures, relating the Financial Framework, determining the national funding of the European policy Intervention.

The art. 5 of the Law of the mentioned Law 16th April 1987, n.183 has provided the establishment of the Fondo di Rotazione for the implementation of the European policies, subject to independent financial management (outside the National Budget).