Rome, November 23, 2017 - 19.42
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The Financial Management Accounting System of the State General Accounting Department

RGS Financial Management Accounting System

Presidential Decree No.367/94 introduced information technologies for spending procedures, and replaced paper documents with computerized ones and provided for redemption of payment orders through all available credit or payment means in the banking or postal circuit.

The Presidential Decree was first implemented in 1999 through the IT Mandate. During the second half of the same year, it was decided to extend the computerization project to the Government and Public Bodies-State General Accounting Department (RGS) or Government and Public Bodies-Bank of Italy processes: this has lead to the Public Administration Computerized Payment System (SIPA).

Within the SIPA system, the State General Accounting Department provided the individual Government and Public Bodies with a financial accounting information system (SICOGE) that is fully integrated with the IT mandate and with the Financial Budget system.

To enable the Government and Public Bodies to manage their own financial accounting procedures, the State General Accounting Department has developed an IT application that was designed and organically integrated into the State General Accounting Department's information system, managing information flows related to the budget and to payment orders and appropriations: SICOGE is an acronym standing for "Sistema di Contabilità Gestionale Finanziaria" (Financial Management Accounting System).

SICOGE is used by all Central Governments as well as by the three autonomous Government and Public Bodies:Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Council of State, and National Audit Office.

The use of SICOGE by Government and Public Bodies has brought about considerable economic savings, also thanks to its free extension.

The elimination of paper flows from Governemnt and Public Bodies and Accounts Offices lead to:

. a reduction in margin of error (related to repeated transfers of orders and bonds) and of transmission and processing time;

. the Government and Public Bodies' timely knowledge of the accounting situation related to their own items of expenditure;

. improvement of services to the citizens/creditors.

The Government and Public Bodies' feedback has been very positive and SICOGE implementation, that started at the end of 2002, has now reached 10,000 users.

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