Rome, November 22, 2017 - 21.18
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SIOPE Access modes

The knowledge base collected through SIOPE will be made available to the organizations that are monitored by the system to help them simplify the procedures for the formulation of their budget policies and to improve their management monitoring functions.
At this regard, the Decrees of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of February 18, 2005 (published in the Ordinary Supplement n. 33 of the Official Gazette n. 57 of March 10, 2005: Regions, Local Authorities and Universities) state that the organizations that are part of the SIOPE system will have access to the information that pertains to their organization and will also be able to access the information that concerns other organizations.

The SIOPE access modes, that are the technical procedures that the organizations will have to follow to connect to the database, will be shortly defined by the same working groups that have developed the coding system.