Rome, November 20, 2017 - 05.10
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The SIOPE pilot trial, included in the 2005 Finance Act (Art. 1, Paragraph 79), was launched on October 1st, 2005 and involves 32 public administrations (2 Regions, 4 Provinces, 13 Municipalities, 3 Mountain Communities and 10 Universities).
The criteria, methods and the time schedule of the SIOPE pilot, that is linked to the trials for the reform of the Consolidated Treasury system, have been set by the Decree issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance on July 8, 2005, after having consulted with the Unified Conference, as referred to by Art. 8 of Legislative Decree n. 281 of August 28, 1977, the Ministry of Interiors and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.
The above-mentioned Decree established that all the public bodies that had submitted a request for participation and were already capable, in the year 2005, of connecting to SIOPE through their treasurers, were to be included in the trial.
The first positive result of the trial is represented by the high level of participation that has largely exceeded the expectations set by the 2005 Finance Act, which had initially contemplated the participation of only 16 institutions.