Rome, November 23, 2017 - 19.29
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Site Guide

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The State General Accounting Department (RGS) website can be accessed at

This new version, completely reorganized with regard to structure and document accessibility, springs from the need to comply with provisions contained in the Stanca Law (Law No. 4 of January 9 2004) and government directives regarding the usability of institutional websites (Directive of February 7 2002 concerning the communication activities of public administrations and Circular Letter No.3 of March 13 2001 entitled "Guidelines for the organization, usability and accessibility of public administration websites" issued by the Civil Service Department).

However, alongside the legal obligations, a strong need to make more visible the value of RGS generates for Italy, with regard to a not exclusively specialized public, emerged when planning the new site architecture. In other words, the need to expand the traditional user categories by employing, as far as possible given that the subject matter is highly "technical", a more transparent, understandable language. The decision to include presentations introducing and explaining the main approaches of the documents, illustrating any innovative elements and stating if they are straightforward updates of typical publications, which precede the main navigation areas, lies at the base of the aforementioned need together with the aim of increasingly making the RGS site a point of reference for public finance information.

The desire to highlight important information which users really need was the guiding criterion, including from the "three click" rule which in most cases allows documents to be accessed with a maximum of three clicks. The graphic design also follows the same approach. In addition to lending the site a new appearance, it also makes it possible to navigate more easily between the various links distributed inside boxes on the various pages, with a much more functional layout than the previous site.

Special attention has been given to statistics regarding site access in order to identify the most visited areas and to make said areas even more evident. As, for example, the "public finance" section (left block) which now contains the complete cycle of related documents, split between those containing forecasts - ordered on the basis of formulation or presentation/approval in Parliament - and those which contain and analyze annual results, including interim results.

The same statistical criterion has been adopted for the following sections: "RGS EUROPE", "Cost Accounting", "SIOPE", "SICOGE", "SICO" and "Stability Pact" (right block), for which dedicated mini-sites have been created.

The "Highlights" area, which allows for access to the last four most important documents published on line in the new site, also enjoys a more important position, including from a visual viewpoint.

The section entitled "The State General Accounting Department" integrates and expands the previous "About Us" while the "Institutional Activities" section includes all the typical activities performed by RGS with regard to other institutions, no longer split according to Inspectorates but grouped together by a shared target-based logic.

The part dealing with innovations and the most innovative applications is included under the "e-Government" section.

The area reserved to information, including international relations, twinnings and the most recently published documents, is included under the "RGS Communicates" section.

The search engine functions are unchanged.

Starting from the home page, the site pages are organized graphically, according to areas, as follows: The site header, with the RGS logo...More read full story: Structure
Accessibility and usability
The State General Accounting Department internet site is managed through a web content management product that makes it possible to separate the site structure from its contents...More read full story: Accessibility and usability