Rome, November 19, 2017 - 17.02
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Site Guide

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The State General Accounting Department internet site is managed through a web content management product that makes it possible to separate the site structure from its contents. Navigation pages, that aggregate functions and documents' contents, require at least three players: IT experts who developed the site functions and structure (experts who know the technical rules to produce accessible HTML code as provided by the Stanca Law); the publication team who, thanks to appropriate workflow rules, publishes contents on the site (the publication team does not know programming techniques) and the economy technical people (that is, the State General Accounting Department personnel) who organize , manage and produce the documents that are published on the internet site. Since these three players' results should produce accessible web pages as provided by the Stanca Law, our approach to the new internet site accessibility was to start from structure accessibility and then provide document accessibility, thus making it possible to publish accessible documents on accessible pages.

The site structure was developed following the 22 requirements laid down under the Stanca Law. From a technical point of view, said structure was developed:

  • with no flash animation
  • with no moving images
  • with no frames
  • with no bright and harsh colors (for example, red)
  • by adding alternative text to all significant images included in the structure
  • by mapping image files
  • by grouping links by area (this function helps the blind to navigate through the site)

As to documents, we are currently completing some navigation pages in order to make them comply with the Stanca Law (DTDStrict) so that we will shortly be able to apply the accessibility logo.

The State General Accounting Department web site navigation, organized by macro subjects, is quite simple, the titles used to mark areas and documents are clear to non-expert users, and technical language is limited to the documents' content.

The home page shows the same functions as all the other navigation pages, thus facilitating the user's navigation through the internet and allowing him to find the same functions in the same position on each and every page. Each page shows a navigation path that immediately shows the user's position in the site. Furthermore, the "Site Map" function is present and makes all site areas immediately visible. The "Contact Us" function is also present and allows users to contact a point of reference at the State General Accounting Department to ask for information, send suggestions and comments, and report problems.

Most navigation pages and documents have black or dark blue text on a white background, thus providing good contrast for navigation purposes.

The main color is blue that not only matches the MEF Portal color, but it is also relaxing and is not disturbing during site navigation. The graphics is pleasant and engaging and was implemented following the accessibility guidelines.
Please note that accessibility only applies to what is included in the State General Accounting Department web site and not to the external links shown in the site.