Rome, November 24, 2017 - 08.33
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State General Accounting Department on territory

State General Accounting Department on territory

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The State General Accounting Department is present on the territory with the 103 territorial Accountings of State (RTS), constituted near the main towns of province.

They constitute that capillary net of market presence at local level to which is entrusted the mission to support Public Administration, to the aim to guarantee the correct programming and the rigorous management of the public resources.

Therefore, the RTS carries out activity of control, monitoring and vigilance on the courses of public finance with reference to the institutional bodies present on the territory, managing processes or "parts" of processes that involve the entire RGS.

Inside of the "chain of value" of the RGS the State General Accounting Departments participate to:

• the predisposition and the management of the budget of the state;

• the vigilance and the control of the management of the public resources;

• the monitoring of aggregates of public finance.

The activities carried out on the territory see a strong interaction of the territorial State General Accounting Department with a diversified user that addresses itself to the offices on the territory for support, collaboration, instructions on implementations and other various information on the activities.

The users who address, for the various carried out services, to the territorial Accountings of the State are:

• Account concessionaires and Agents

• Citizens, Enterprises, private Institutions

• Public Employees:

Civil and military staff of the local state offices,

personal of the school

• Public agencies and organisms

• Scholastic revisers

• Scholastic offices

• State offices decentralized on the territory (coordinators of expense, delegated civil servant, consignees of real estates)