Rome, November 20, 2017 - 10.43
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General Inspectorates
Inspectorate General for Budget
- I.G.B. -
Head Inspector General: dr. Biagio MAZZOTTA
Via XX Settembre, 97 00187 Rome, Italy
phone: +39 06 4761 3516
fax: +39 06 4761 3536
Preparation of the annual and long-term state budgets and any amendment reports; general financial accounting statements and adjustment provisions; budget variations; preparation and coordination of financial law proposals, related provisions and other legislative provisions regarding public finances; assessment of financial cover for legislative provisions and coordination of technical verification to assess charges; analysis and supervision of budget flows and preparation of data and information for public finance documents; data collection, analysis, verification and assessment of costs for financial and budget planning and preparation of budget estimates in compliance with art. 4, bis, of law no.468 of 5 August, 1978, and in accordance with the information provided by the central budget and accounting units working in the provincial departments of the Ministry, and the cost center system of cost accounting introduced by art.10 of legislative decree no. 279 of 7 August, 1997.