Rome, November 18, 2017 - 18.18
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General Inspectorates
Inspectorate General for Finance
- I.G.F. -
Head Inspectorate General: dr. Gianfranco TANZI
Via XX Settembre, 97 00187 Rome, Italy
phone: +39 06 4761 3578
fax: +39 06 4761 3521
Institutional inspection and supervision duties of financial and accounting operations of the public administrations in accordance with the laws in force; analysis of public body and organization budgets, and evaluation of operating results, proposals for appointment of trade union representatives and review functions in public bodies, institutions or companies, assessment of correct fulfillment of tasks and examination and coordination of results; direct control processes to ensure correct, standard accounting and bookkeeping, and timely rendering of accounts by those who carry out these functions; statutory, interpretative, and directional activities and administrative-accounting coordination of public administrations to ensure the correct and standard interpretation and application of the government general accounting regulations; internal inspection and monitoring of the Central Budget Offices and of the Accounting Offices of the Ministry's Provincial Departments.