Rome, November 18, 2017 - 12.54
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General Inspectorates
Inspectorate General for the Automation of Government Accounting Procedures
- I.G.I.C.S. -
Head Inspector General: Dr. Maria Laura PRISLEI
Via XX Settembre, 97 00187 Rome, Italy
phone: +39 06 4761 2543
fax: +39 06 4761 2700
Study and analysis of the operational and implementation issues concerning automation of state accounting data and general frameworks for IT automation, IT integration and consolidation of public sector accounting data; study, analysis and definition of operational requirements, performance and methods that must guarantee, within the framework of the integrated IT system of the Ministry, the performance of departmental institutional duties, including assistance and support for processing associated procedures and checking the correct performance of the services and computer processes regarding the matters of competence.