Rome, November 22, 2017 - 21.16
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General Inspectorates
Studies and Research Division
- Se.S.D. -
General Director: Luciana PATRIZI
Via XX Settembre, 97 00187 Rome, Italy
The Studies and Research Division directly reports to the State General Accountant who, by means of specific regulations, sets out the Department’s operating modalities, based on the coordination and liaising requirements with the other Offices in the Department. This Department’ structure, given the other Offices’ specific competences as defined under the Italian President's Decree No. 154 of April 28, 1998, includes four units. Under Art. 1, paragraph 476 of Law No. 296 of December 27, 2006, these units carry out the necessary activities to ensure operational coordination with the Commission, as provided by paragraph 474.
Moreover, for specific projects the Studies and Research Division may appoint 7 heads of unit entrusted with consulting, analysis and research tasks.