Rome, November 19, 2017 - 16.51
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State Accountant General

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Daniele Franco. Born in Trichiana (Belluno) in 1953.

Degree in Political Science (University of Padua), 1977. MA in Business administration (University of Padua), 1978. MSc in Economics (University of York), 1980.

1979-1994: economist at the Research Dept. of Banca d’Italia.

1994-1997: economic adviser at the European Commission, DGEcFin.

1997-2007: director of Fiscal Policy Division, Research Dept., Banca d’Italia.

2007-2011: head of Department of Structural Economic Analysis, Banca d’Italia.

2011-2013: managing director of Economics, Research and International Relations, Banca d’Italia.

1999-2007: chairman of the Working Group on Public Finance of the European Central Bank.

He represented Banca d’Italia in parliamentary hearings and in committees and working groups established by Italian and international institutions. He gave courses at the Universities of Bergamo and Trieste, at the Universit√† Cattolica in Milano and at the Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione in Rome. Among his books are The Stability and Growth Pact, 2001, Palgrave, with M. Buti and A. Brunila and Fiscal Policy in Economic and Monetary Union. Theory, Evidence and Institutions, 2005, Edward Elgar, with M. Buti.

On 20th May 2013 he was appointed State General Accountant.

The role of the State Accountant general
His peculiar institutional position is reflected both in his juridical status and in the scope of his functions and places him in a very atypical position within the administrative management framework...More read full story: The role of the State Accountant general