Rome, November 22, 2017 - 04.37
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The State General Accounting Department


The central control body that supports the Parliament and the Government on budget policies, processes and procedures. The primary institutional objective of the Department is to guarantee the correct administration and the rigorous planning and programming of public resources. The State General Accounting Department (Ragioneria Generale dello Stato - RGS) is responsible for the consistency and reliability of national accounts and for the assessment and the analysis of public expenditure trends. It has the responsibility of drawing the annual national budget draft, including associated adjustment and variation measures, the multi-annual national budget and also the Finance Bill and related provisions. In addition, the Department is required to: participate in the preliminary review of any bill or Government act that could have a direct or indirect impact on the economic-financial administration of the State; ensure the uniform interpretation and application of accounting rules and perform control functions on the financial administration of public institutions through inspection activities. In addition to these tasks, the Department has the duty to promote initiatives in the field of legislative innovation in the economic-financial sector. The Department's functions have been recently extended in order to allow a more exhaustive monitoring and analysis of expenditure trends, specifically regarding internal growth and Stability Pact targets. In addition, the Department is carrying out activities to support the identification of financial management standards that can be shared and adopted within the entire Public Administration system.