Rome, November 21, 2017 - 20.26
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The budget in brief

The budget in brief

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The Inspectorate General for Budget Policies has the highly sensitive task of preparing annual budgets, in addition to supervising, controlling and drafting public finance sector acts.

The strong commitment of the whole structure focuses mainly on the areas of prelegislative activity, control of technical reports, comparison of financial cover of provisions, drafting annual and long-term state revenue and expenditure forecast budgets and related settlements, monitoring balance sheets, and general accounting of state assets and net worth of self-governing companies.

The Inspectorate General must also prepare quarterly cash reports, forecasts and program reports (RPP, Volume II), general reports on the financial situation of the country and documentation regarding financial and economic programming (DPEF).

Forming part of the duties associated with the budget is the economic accounting and supervision of administration expenses and activities, and upon which particular importance is placed.

The Budget in Brief is one of the documents that you can find in this section of the State General Accounting De web site, and is a summary of the financial budget of the State Administration.