Rome, November 19, 2017 - 16.52
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The budget in brief

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"Budget in Brief" is an annual report issued by the Offices of the Inspectorate General for Budget Policies of the State General Accounting Department (Uffici dell'Ispettorato Generale per le Politiche di Bilancio - Dipartimento della Ragioneria Generale dello Stato) and it contains a synopsis of the main guidelines and effects of public finance measures. An easy and quickly readible booklet, "Budget in brief" is published to provide the most comprehensive information available on public accounts to a wide audience of experts and regular citizens.

The four-page publication describes the national economic situation, the condition of public finance and the projections of the medium-term macroeconomic framework. Moreover, it shows the break down of the budget by function, the economic budget (with a cost analysis and classification by nature and a summary of the costs by functions-objectives) and the evolution of some of the most significant indicators of the economic-financial situation (Treasury Bonds gross interest rates, the trend of the public debt/GDP ratio, inflation rates).