Rome, November 18, 2017 - 16.43
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CampusRGS is the platform for the integrated management of the training of the employees of the State General Accounting Department (Ragioneria Generale dello Stato - RGS) and is an important tool for managing the training activities of the State General Accounting Department. CampusRGS, in its current version, has been operational since July 2004, but the experimental phase of the project was launched in the summer of 2002 when the State General Accounting Department, due to organizational and regulatory changes, was faced with the need to produce and deliver the training and learning contents that were necessary to meet new training requirements in a very short time and with limited resources and to promote and test new methods and tools that would allow to train a large number of employees on a national level in a very short period of time. Thus the State General Accounting Department launched the first virtual classroom lessons and the first self-training courses, which were simple and basic, both in terms of their graphic presentation and technical specifications, but easy to use even by the employees who had little familiarity with new technologies. The courses were published on an Intranet portal that was dedicated to training and was named CampusRGS.

The web portal was developed using cost-effectiveness and rapidity criteria and is now established as an important reference point for users also because it serves as the repository of training materials. The State General Accounting Department employees welcomed the opportunity to access training and educational information and materials with great enthusiasm and curiosity, as evidenced by the large number of accesses to the various sections of the portal and by the many emails that were received by the contact persons provided in the website, especially from the peripheral offices, asking for new courses and new opportunities for knowledge sharing.

In the light of these results, the State General Accounting Department launched an innovational project to replace the experimental Web portal with a platform for the integrated management of training and education that would contemplate a substantial use of e-learning tools and that would allow to manage all training activities (including traditional training) and monitor human resources development.

The training and professional update courses for the employees of the State General Accounting Department are currently delivered in various formats:

- traditional classroom training, which continues to play a fundamental role in the enhancement of human resources and in the professional updating of the employees of the State General Accounting Department

- distance learning, i.e. learning modules that are accessed by users using their Personal Computers via the connection to CampusRGS and that comprise Self-Training Courses, Virtual Classrooms and On-line Seminars

- mixed distance learning, which includes two or more types of distance learning modules

- blended learning, which combines traditional classroom-based learning modules with distance learning modules.

The Campus RGS platform allowed the State General Accounting Department to use innovative tools, such as:

- Virtual classrooms

- On-line seminars

- WBTs (Web Based Training)

- Forums, chats, etc.

The virtual classroom allows to create a real virtual classroom where teachers and students, who are in different physical locations, can freely communicate and interact in real-time. The lesson can also be recorded and made available in asynchronous format.

On-line seminars allow to broadcast on-line lessons and conferences (or other training and communication events) that can be followed from different physical locations from where students can also access the support materials.

WBTs (Web Based Training) self-training courses, which may also be custom-developed on specific topics of interest to the State General Accounting Department , that allow learners to choose when, where and how to study, thus ensuring optimal usage flexibility.