Rome, November 21, 2017 - 20.24
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Competencies Analysis

The Professional Competencies Analysis of the State General Accounting Department (Ragioneria Generale dello Stato -RGS) was a preliminary phase of a process geared toward the establishment of a different and more efficient training planning system as well as a crucial moment of transition to an advanced human resources management system.

The assessment of employees' expected and actual competencies is conducted periodically, typically every 2/3 years, in order to maintain competencies in line with the evolution of the State General Accounting Department (Ragioneria Generale dello Stato -RGS), both in terms of its organization and activities. Knowing the professional competencies of our personnel is key to manage change and to ensure high quality services.

The assessment of employees' competencies is carried out by administering an easy-to-fill on-line questionnaire to all employees. The questionnaire is the same for all professional categories. All employees state their competence level for the competencies they think they have among those included in the questionnaire and specify, for each of them, their level of expertise based on their self-evaluation.

Once it has been completed, the esired and actual skills ysis represented the he responsible organizational structures Questionnaire is submitted to the responsible Director for approval and, in some cases, employees will be asked to revise their answers in order to make the self-evaluations more homogeneous.

The last edition of the questionnaire was made available to employees through the departmental Intranet from November 2006 to January 2007 and included a set of guidelines and a short self-training course designed to help the users fill out the questionnaire and to promote a broader awareness of the objectives of the survey.

In order to identify the desired competencies, which form the so-called "RGS Competencies Manual", and the expected competencies for each office of the Department - with a further distinction according to the functional area of the employee - a series of interviews is conducted with the directors of each office with the precious support of the training department.

This method allows to identify and map the training needs of every employee in every office of the State General Accounting Department and thus to automatically determine and address the needs of newly hired employees at the office level.

After the expected/desired competencies have been identified and the actual competencies of the employees have been assessed, gap analysis can be performed. It is the phase that allows to identify the gap between the competencies that are deemed optimal for a specific organizational unit and the actual competencies of each employee.

In particular, the Tool Gap Analysis system that is integrated in CampusRGS links each employee with the competencies that are expected in his/her own organizational unit and his/her actual competencies: the result of the comparison is the training gap to be filled.

The results of the analysis enable a more effective and targeted planning of the training activities that have to be implemented and allow the organization to correctly identify the individuals to be invited to attend the courses that have been scheduled.