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Digitisation of Public Accounting

Digitisation of Public Accounting

For over fifteen years, the General Accounting Office of the State has been carrying out a thorough and comprehensive digitisation of the processes underlying its institutional activities and those of the other administrations so that the public users and the citizenry may have a constantly improved level of knowledge, transparency and access to the complex workings of public accounting and finance.

The first set of IT developments that have been implemented include, among others:

  • application systems for the various activities in the area of training, management and monitoring of the State budget and computerization of the General Report on the Accounts of the State;
  • the IT system that manages the flows of revenues of the State and of public bodies; ;
  • the IT system for collecting statistical data on the civil service and for controlling public labour costs;
  • the system for the IT management of the expenditure of the central Administrations also through electronic invoicing;
  • creation of the electronic platform for the telematics management of the issuing of certificates and monitoring of trade receivables;
  • system for the comprehensive collection of harmonised budgets of the local bodies and of their bodies and institutions;
  • system for monitoring the expenditure for public works;
  • creation of a single Records Office for the Bodies belonging to the Public Administration;
  • management of digital signature and implementation of work-flow systems, document management and document registration procedures.

In order to offer public users and citizens access to the universe of economic and financial data of the Public Administration, the General Accounting Office of the State has also created the “ OpenBDAP” platform – after the experience accrued with the implementation of the Data Base of the Public Administration in pursuance of Article 13 of Act 196/2009 – with the aim of making available all Public Finance data in a clear, transparent and easily accessible manner.  The aim is to meet the interest and information needs of an increasingly growing and heterogeneous public consisting not only of insiders and experts, but also of a wide and variegated body of users who are not necessarily experts.  

The complex computerization process of the General Accounting Office of the State also entails coordination of the evolution and management of the technological infrastructure, of security - also with a view to compliance with the obligations associated with the protection of personal data - and the constant monitoring of the performance of the systems.

The General Inspectorate for the computerization of State Accounting (IGICS), with the operational support of Sogei S.p.a., under the Agreement for the management, maintenance and development of the IT system of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, coordinates governance and the projects implementing the mentioned IT activities of the departments and, downstream from the implementation of the relevant developments, it monitors and supports the activities involved in the delivery of services and assistance to users.