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Public-Private Partnerships


The public-private partnerships (PPP) is a form of cooperation between public and private partners, with the aim of financing, building and managing infrastructures or providing services of public interest.

The Code of Contracts (Legislative Decree 50/2016) deals with the subject of the partnership in Title I of Part IV.

Some of the main characteristics that distinguish the PPP are:

  • Relatively long duration of public-private collaboration;
  • Mostly private financing;
  • Strategic and relevant role of the private partner in each phase of the project (the public partner focuses on the definition of the objectives to be achieved in terms of public interest, quality of services offered);
  • Risk allocation both public and private

The State General Accounting Department follows with particular interest the issues related to the statistical and accounting treatment of the projects carried out in PPP.

The area dedicated to the PPP aims to be a meeting point between Institutions, Citizens and Public Administrations for the purpose of disseminating national and international good practices and the optimal use of the partnership instrument.

Since 2013, RGS has started an inter-institutional working group that has produced a standard concession contract scheme for the design, construction and management of public works in Public-Private Partnership updated on the basis of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and submitted to public consultation in 2018

In this section of the RGS website is possible to consult the standard contract and all the attached documents, the normative references and the documentation useful for the administrations wishing to stipulate contracts in PPP.

A specific page is dedicated to the EPEC - Eurostat Guidelines on the statistical treatment of PPP operations that integrates and replaces the previous versions of the documents dealing with this topic (Eurostat Decision No. 4 of 11 February 2004; MGDD: Manual on Government deficit and debt - European Commission).