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Social Expenditures


The State General Accounting Department carries out a thorough appraisal, forecasting, monitoring and control activity of social expenditures (pensions, long-term care, healthcare, social shock absorbers, employment incentives). These tasks include:

  • pre-legislative activity, in all phases of the process;
  • social expenditure monitoring activities by the application of analytical detection and processing models at monthly and quarterly level;
  • Forecasting social expenditure trends using short- (for the purposes of preparing the PA account in the context of all the public finance documents) and long-term analytical forecast models. These models are used in international comparisons, specifically: European Union (Economic Policy Committee - Working Group on Aging, EPC-WGA), OECD (preparation of reports for Italy, etc.) and the International Monetary Fund (processing responses to the IMF questionnaires, for the annual missions provided for in Article IV, etc.);
  • the coordination of the Table on the verification of regional fulfilment for access to increased financing of healthcare spending provided by the State-Regions Agreement of August 8, 2001;
  • supervision of the deliberations of privatised social security authorities on contributions and benefits;
  • the activity of statistical information exchange with Istat, following the Convention between the Department of the State General Accounting Department and Istat.