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Financial relations with the UE

Rapporti finanziari UE

Through the Inspectorate General for Financial Relations with the European Union (I.G.R.U.E.), the State General Accounting Department participates in the processes of a financial nature arising from the membership of Italy in the EU.
Specifically, the activities related to these processes refer to:

  • the management of the Revolving Fund for the implementation of Community policies referred to in  Article 5 of Law number 183/1987;
  • participation in the process of training, implementation and certification  of the General Budget  of the European Union;
  • the management of the monitoring of the financial, physical and procedural systems and of Community interventions;
  • the adaptation of the domestic legal system to Community legislation;
  • The controls on the use of European Union resources and the shares of national co-financing;

participation in the processes of defining European socio-economic development policies