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Health Expenditure

The monitoring of health expenditure - 2017

The General Accounting Office of the State (RGS) publishes the fourth Report on Health Expenditure Accounts. The Report illustrates the implementation process of the fourth regulatory and management framework for the health sector, the relevant audit instruments and the outcomes of the monitoring activities. The main contents of the report are:

  • the measures adopted in recent years and the interventions that have strengthened the regulation of the Italian health system;
  • implementation of control and rationalization instruments for the main health expenditure items;
  • quantitative report on the financial and structural effects produced by the governance system, with special reference to the regional level;
  • overview of the measures affecting the health sector in recent years;
  • illustration of the new essential levels of care envisaged by the DPCM of 12 January 2017;
  • the regulatory and management structure of the Recovery Plans;
  • implementation of the system of accounting rules introduced, for the National Healthcare System, by Legislative Decree no 118/2011;
  • implementation of the activities related to the Healthcare Card System (TS System);
  • statement of health expenses reported through the TS system forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service for pre-compiling the 730 Statement;
  • report on the implementation of the electronic health file in pursuance of the 2017 Budget Act in relation to the role of the TS System (Article 1, paragraph 382);
  • updating the pharmaceutical and specialized medical expenditure estimated on the basis of the data provided by the TS System;
  • 2016 operational results of the Regions not involved in the Recovery Plans;
  • outcome of the audits on the implementation of the 2016 Recovery Plans.