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Public Sector Employment


Pubblico impiego

The activities of control, analysis and monitoring of labour costs in the public administrations are carried out by the State General Accounting Department of the State through its own Inspectorate General, the IGOP - Inspectorate General for Staff Regulations and Analysis of Public Labour Costs, which carries out the following activities:

  • it deals with matters that are the purview of the General Accounting Department of the State in legislative, regulatory and contractual forums, in particular regulations, staffing needs and the basic and ancillary wages of civil servants, including those having an international “status”;
  • it makes forecasts regarding staff costs also with a view to preparing public finance projections;
  • it defines wage and contract policies within the framework of the Coordinating Body of sectoral committees for civil servants;
  • it participates, as negotiating party, in contract bargaining for the staff regulated by public law (armed forces, enforcement agencies, fire-fighters, diplomats, prefecture and penitentiary employees);
  • it checks the economic and financial compatibility of national collective bargaining and supplementary bargaining (the latter is checked when drafting the budget only for the administrations of the State and non-economic public bodies with more than 200 employees) and monitors the implementation of the national and supplementary contracts and their financial implications;
  • it monitors the expenditure for public administration staff, in pursuance of Title V of Legislative Decree no 165/200, by gathering and processing the quarterly and annual analytic survey models;
  • it participates in the National Statistics System (SISTAN) and exchanges specific statistical information with ISTAT and with other institutional bodies;