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Workshops and Conferences

International Workshop "Medium-term budgetary frameworks and public accounting reforms and expenditure controls: comparing the Austrian, French, and Italian experiences"


Rome, 9-10 February 2017 - Conference Hall at the Polo Multifunzionale RGS

An international workshop was held on 9 and 10 February 2017, at the Conference Hall of the Polo Multifunzionale RGS, on medium-term budgetary policies and on public accounting with an emphasis on curbing expenditure. The Workshop, organized by the Research Department of the General Accounting Office of the State and coordinated by Marco Cangiano (former Assistant Director with the International Monetary Fund), compared the experiences of Austria, France and Italy in promoting reforms aimed at strengthening fiscal discipline, tightening control over expenditures and improving the quality of accounting and budget data.

The speakers of the Workshop were Renaud Duplay (Directorate of the Budget of the French Ministry of Finance), Delphine Moretti (Budgeting and Public Expenditures Division of the OECD), Clemens Mungenast (Finance Division of the Federal Government of Stiria, Austria), Bernhard Schatz (Austrian Audit Court), and Raffaella Basile (Department of the Treasury).

The programme of the Workshop and the contributions of the speakers are available below in PDF format.