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About us

The State General Accounting Department (Ragioneria Generale dello Stato - RGS) is a central review body that provides support to Parliament and Government in their duties of delivering policies, processes and budget compliance. Its main institutional task is to ensure proper planning and rigorous management of public funds.

It has been given the duty and  responsibility  to ensure proper and reliable government fund accounting, to audit and analyse government expenditure trends. Its responsibilities include drafting an outline for  the annual budget, with its variation and adjustment measures, and an outline for the multi-year government budget as well as the draft budget law and related measures.

In addition, during a preliminary audit, it is called upon i) to express its opinion on any statutory instrument or other piece of legislation drafted by the Government that may have a direct or indirect impact on public financial and economic management; ii) to ensure consistent interpretation and enforcement of accounting standards; iii) to exercise oversight functions over the financial management of public bodies through inspections.

Furthermore, it is also responsible for making proposals to introduce innovative regulations in the economic and financial sector. The Accounting Office's tasks have recently been strengthened to achieve greater thoroughness in monitoring and analysing expenditure trends with a view to achieving domestic growth targets and complying with the Stability Pact. Activities are also being developed to support the establishment of management standards that may be useful to the whole of public administration.

The RGS State General Accounting Department is also active at international level and maintains relations with many Organizations, including the European Union, its Member States as well as third countries. The RGS State General Accounting Department also represents Italy in internationally established intergovernmental Committees, Councils and Conferences and RGS officials participate in conferences and visits aimed at exchanging information, methods and criteria on matters of common interest. Lately RGS has also stepped up its activities by standing as a candidate in EU-funded  Twinning Projects forming part of the PHARE Programme aimed at providing support and cooperation to EU candidate countries.