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Vision, missions and values

The institutional tasks entrusted to the State General Accounting Department, which guide its role and strategies, are summarised in the purpose (Vision), objectives (Mission) and values which it has adopted.The institutional tasks of the State General Accounting Department (RGS) guide its role and strategies that are summed up in its aim (vision), goals (mission) and in what it stands for (values).


Ensure proper planning and rigorous management of public funds.


  • Providing timely and effective support to Parliament and Government in the legislative process and in implementing budget laws.
  • Ensuring that public finance is consistent with the goals of the Stability Pact and the domestic growth targets.
  • Investing in the development of professional excellence guided by the principle of impartiality and public purpose enshrined in the Constitution
  • Securing constant improvement of monitoring systems, methodologies, analysis and certification of public accounts
  • Supporting general government bodies through an efficient network of local offices.


  • A shared sense of belonging, cooperation and public service.
  • Ability to manage change
  • Professional excellence and rigour
  • Responsibility and reliability.
  • Efficiency, goal-oriented, performance-driven culture.
  • Integrity, independence and confidentiality.

Vision, Mission and Values