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The Library



After renovation the Luca Pacioli library  is now open to the public and offers a range of new services. 

The most important novelty is the automated book delivery system; during the closure period all books have been re-catalogued through a system managing queue processes and direct delivery to patrons, without any intermediary steps.   

The general catalogue, as well as textbooks and journals, may be consulted directly in the reading room that has been completely renovated and has now become part of the RGS multi-purpose centre. WI-FI (wireless)  Internet access will be available shortly in the reading room, limited to a number of institutional or general interest sites.  The Library has recently acceded to the National Library Service and has joined the "National Public Library System" of Rome, the leading library being the Biblioteca Universitaria Alessandrina of "La Sapienza" University. This will allow our patrons to know what is in the catalogues of other member libraries by doing a search on a computer in the Luca Pacioli library.

Access to reading and consultation services 
is available to:

  • all Ministry of the Economy and Finance employees
  • the employees of all other ministries
  • teachers, students and researchers
  • the general public (subject to prior authorisation)

The loan service is restricted to employees of the State General Accounting Department and the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. 
Magazines and periodicals are not available for loan. 

Acquisition of new books

Every year the library collection is enriched and updated through the purchase of new  works and 'new editions' of books that the Library already possesses (see link "Latest additions"). In this connection, and more specifically in an effort to become a centre that collects and disseminates information concerning the activities carried out by the State General Accounting Department, the Library is willing to accept and keep any publication, dissertation or paper concerning subjects of interest for the activities carried out by the Department. These materials  will then be catalogued and made available for consultation.

Opening hours 

The Library and the Reading Room are open:

  • from Monday to Friday (9,00 - 13,30 and 15,00 -17,00)
  • Friday (9,00 - 13,00)

all year round, except in August  when the Library and Reading Room are open from Monday to Friday  from 9,00 to 13,30.